pH monitoring

pH electrode:

The principle of pH monitoring system is based on the electric potential. It can measure and display real time data. In comparison with the chemical examination, pH monitoring system is more accurate and faster.



pH meter pH electrode 


  • Measurement range: 1-14 pH
  • Maximum flow rate: 3 m/s
  • Sensitivity: less than 0.005 pH
  • Temperature: 0-55 o


Automatic maintenance system:


The automatic control system of oil refining equipment overhead ammonia injection and pH value is a system under which a proper control model for pH value of overhead gas line can be controlled within the expected range. When the equipment is installed, distillation tower overhead ammonia injection can be automatically adjusted, the pH value of overhead gas line can be controlled within the expected range, and the equipment corrosion state can be real time monitored by inductance probe corrosion monitoring technique, So as to improve the mathematical model which controls the overhead ammonia injection, make the production process more stable and realize effective corrosion control.


automatic maintenance system automatic maintenance system


Automatic cleaning  system for pH electrode:


Due to the influence of H2S, pH electrode is easy to be polluted. The pollution influences the pH life and its measuring decision and also influences the application of control system. The development of pH electrode cleaned automatically solves the problem.  Through the program control, the device makes the pH electrode and medium separate non-leak to clean and maintain the pH electrode automatically. This function makes the pH electrode contact with the medium only when it needs to measure. After finishing the measurement, the pH electrode converts to the cleaning cavity to clean and maintain automatically to decrease the polluted time. Therefore, it can prolong the electrode life and decrease the human maintenance. 




automatic cleaning system automatic cleaning system