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Coatings and linings

Coatings and linings

At Payesh Sanat Novin we supply corrosion resistant coatings and linings with proven in service performance. We supply paints and coatings that have been specially developed for unique conditions by recognized international manufacturers. We supply paints, coatings, and linings for following industries:

-    Oil, gas and petrochemical plants.
-    Infrastructures
-    Marin

Our team of coating experts provides consultancy to help clients find the high performance coating that best suits their need. In the meantime, correct surface preparation and paint application are vital to the success of any coating system. Our experienced technical service representatives are available to ensure clients gain from their high level of experience and knowledge in surface preparation and application. Therefore they can achieve the best performance of their coating systems.

Cathodic Protection Services


Payesh Sanat Novin (PSN)  Company is one of the most experienced contractors for the installation and inspection of cathodic protection systems. Our 15 years of experience and proficiency, coupled with our training, safety record and excellent reputation makes us a leader in cathodic protection services. We have the experience, personnel and equipment needed to solve corrosion problems. Payesh Sanat Novin (PSN) supplies a full range of cathodic protection services for corrosion control including: 


  • Preventive and general maintenance
  • CIPS and DCVG
  • Deep Anode Ground Bed Installation
  • Conventional Anode Installation
  • System Relocation & Repair
  • Sacrificial Anode Installation
  • Custom Cathodic Protection Systems
  • Test Station & Monitoring Station Installation
  • Water Tank Systems
  • Oil Field Vessel Systems
  • Marine Systems
  • A/C Mitigation Systems
  • Inspection and troubleshooting

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Corrosion Monitoring

Corrosion Monitoring

Without an accurate assessment of the corrosion condition and rate, achievement of a corrosion control program will not be possible. By offering corrosion monitoring services, we examine areas susceptible to corrosion and measure its rate in order to improve corrosion management and control program strategies.

Payesh Sanat Novin corrosion monitoring services are as follow:
•    Design of corrosion monitoring systems
•    Supply of corrosion measurement and monitoring equipment including:
•    Weight loss coupons
•    Electrical resistance probes
•    Linear polarization probes
•    Hydrogen probes
•    Galvanic probes
•    Microbiological corrosion monitoring systems
•    Sand detection and erosion monitoring systems
•    Installation of corrosion monitoring fittings and equipment including probes and coupons insertion and retrieval
•    Corrosion monitoring data logging, processing, interpretation and process modification consultancy
•   Correlation of corrosion monitoring results and chemical treatment in order to optimize treatment cost and efficiency

Cathodic Protection

Cathodic protection first became common place during the 1930s in the United States, where it was used to control the corrosion of pipelines carrying high pressure hydrocarbons. Now after more than 70 years, cathodic protection is known as one of the most effective techniques in the mitigation of corrosion. Cathodic protection systems with remote monitoring and control equipment are capable of controlling corrosion of steel structures in soil or marine environments very effectively. Payesh Sanat Novin (PSN) offers total cathodic protection services ranging from simple sacrificial anodes to highly sophisticated, automatic impressed current schemes using precious metal coated anodes and computer assisted monitoring and control techniques.  At PSN, cathodic protection systems are engineered for a wide variety of structures including:

•    Power stations, Refineries and petrochemical complexes
•    Reinforced Concrete structures
•    Harbors, Jetties, platforms and other marine structures
•    Below and above grade storage tank internals and externals
•    Pipelines
•    Well Casing