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Sand Probe (Erosion monitoring)


sand probes are used to detect erosion in flow lines caused by abrasive particles such as sand. One end of the probe is attached to a tee-type, high pressure access fitting with a solid plug by means of a sand probe nut. The other end is a sealed, thin-walled tube placed within the process stream to be exposed to particulate flowing through the system. (To minimize the effects of corrosion and thus more accurately detect erosion within the stream, the exposed element is made of stainless steel.) As particulate impinges on the surface of the sensing element, a hole is eventually eroded through the element. Once penetration has occurred, the system pressure then travels up the tube, into the access fitting body, and through a nipple and valve to a pressure gage assembly. The pressure gage detects that the element has been breached. If required, electronic pressure sensors can be connected to alarm systems to signal the exact moment when failure occurs.