Aboveground Storage Tanks

Corrosion of tank's bottom plate is one of the major costly challenges in oil and gas industry. Sometimes due to asphalting tank pads, Cathodic protection would not be effective. According to the studies performed by Payesh Sanat Novin engineering team, corrosion mostly occurs at tank's bottom plate outer sections, hence ingress of moisture is happening from tank's outer sides and sealing would be a reasonable and effective way of mitigating corrosion. Payesh Sanat Novin Co. offers viscoelastic sealant and wrappings to seal the tank chime area. This coatings due to their viscoelasticy does not crack and always remain wet during their life time.

EZ Wrap is an economical coating used to prevent corrosion, when ingress of moisture is a problem. This product is made of a polyester non-woven fiber top layer, covered with white polyester which can be painted after application. EZ wrap adheres to the substrate (steel, PE, PP, Epoxy and etc.) immediately and does not need curing time. One of the main application of this wrapping is Tank Chime sealant.

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tank chime wrapping 

Viscosealant is a non-hardening caulking compound used for waterproofing and corrosion prevention. This material is used for corrosion protection of above ground flanges, as a waterproof seal at ring wall tanks and for water proofing cable and pipe penetrations. This patented material is exclusively produced by Kleiss and Co. b.v. in the world.

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 tank chime sealant