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Piles and marine structures

Payesh Sanat Novin as one of the leading companies in corrosion prevention offers the following system for corrosion prevention of piles. This coating system includes the mastic, petrolatuem tape and HDPE protectvie layer and can be used in splash or immersed zone. long time performance, minor surface prepartion requirement and application on wet surface are the main benefits of these systems. Application of this coating system consists of following stages, first surface prepartion is done according to SSPC SP2 or SP3. then the mastic is hand applied on the surface. Afterwards Petrolatuem tape is wrapped spirally at 55% overlap from the bottom to the top of splash zone. Finally HDPE coating is secured via bolted system as protective layer. When mechanical reinforcement is also required composite wrapping system is the best option to be used as outer-wrap. 


petrolatuem wrapping HDPE SLEEVE composite repair system
Petrolatum tapes can be applied on wet/dry surfaces in order to prevent corrosion. these coatings are hydrophobic and can be used for corrosion prevention of piles in sea water. Our mastic and petrolatum tapes conform to the latest AWWA C217 standard. HDPE layer is used for mechanical protection of petrolatum tape. HDPE is used as a resistance layer to abrasion and mechanical damages. This layer is secured via bolted system or smart band.  Composite coatings can be used in splash/ immersed zones in cases that reinforcement is also required.  These coatings consists of fiberglass textile that is impregnated with polyurethane resin. As these coatings are activated via water, they are the best options for marine applications. another application of these coatings is repair of pipelines according to ASME PCC-2 standard.