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Downhole corrosion monitoring

Oil pipe perforation and casing pipe broken by downhole corrosion have badly affected oil-gas well service life and lowered production efficiency. Production operation costs increased greatly which is resulted from indirect cost and loss of inspection and maintenance works. The economic benefits are seriously affected. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt proper anti-corrosion measurements to improve the safety of oil-gas well and reduce economic loss. Our online downhole corrosion monitoring system, is the first special system to monitor downhole corrosion rate in real time based on severe downhole environment and corrosion characters.


Downhole monitoring Downhole monitoring probe
Inductance resistance probe application Downhole monitoring probe

 Technical features:

  • Apply inductance monitoring  with high measurement sensitivity, reliability,
  • Wide range of applicable temperature and pressure, and be able to instal and recover at any depth
  • Real-time monitoring of corrosion depth, rate, temperature and time,
  • Able to save data when power off to gurantee normal data read when power restored;
  • Data acquisition methode, take the instrument out from the well, open and connect to the computer for data acquisison;
  • Integrated structure of probe and transmitter to pull and run conveniently in the downhole.